Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My baby boy.....and one of my latest offerings :)

This stitchery is currently listed on Ebay ( stitchinthedayaway ) ~ One of my last holiday stitcheries for the year!! I have had a lot of fun this season stitchin up Christmas goodies, but I guess it's time to move on to winter & valentines!!

Well.....not exactly, but he is like a big baby!! Just took this picture of Kyser, our weimerianer lounging on the couch last night!! We rescued him 8 yrs ago today & though he has his issues, he has brought so much love & happiness to our home!!! He suffers from anxiety, but really who doesn't & it's hard to say what his life was like for the year before we got him!!
Have a great wednesday ~ It is chilly here this morning!!

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  1. Other than a child, I really don't know what else besides a dog ... Did I say dog ... I meant family memeber ....that will bring that much love, laughter and joy to your life. I cannot even imagine a life with out my 4 legged family members! He is just beautiful!