Friday, September 24, 2010

~~~~ Ready for a nice Fall weekend ~~~~

Well my lip is healing :) Now I am left w/ a splitting ulcer down the center of my lip, but it isn't too noticable if I put on a little lipstitck ......I definatly need to slow down !!!!
Here are a few of my new listings on ebay ( stitchinthedayaway ) ~ Trying to work on a few for Etsy, but can't seem to get caught up, but I guess that is a good thing because everything keeps selling :) Yay!!! ( The top two stitchery's are from patterns of Country Rustic Primitives & the bottom on the candle board is from a pattern by Primitive Stitchin )
Got a fun "girls day" planned on sunday w/ my mom & sister to go to a nice fall festival about 40 miles from here where they dress up like colonial days ~ So we are ready to shop, eat, & gossip like we do best :) And the weather looks like it is gonna be a perfect 70 ' ~ I love fall ~ I hope to snap some pics to post........
More later......enjoy the weekend everyone!!
Blessings ~

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beware of hammers......

You'd think I'd know by now, but no I'm 30 yrs. old & just split my lip open w/ a hammer!! God it hurts......I feel like a little kid, home all along w/ this big pouty lip! No botox needed for me!! I was stupid & taking a square head nail out of my latest projest because I didn't like where I had put it, ( now I wish I would have left it there!!! ) when all I remember is tasting blood! At least I got that nail out....& thankfully I still have all of my teeth in place! Yes, it is that bad! Truth be known I may need stitches, but I am not a fan of doctors. So I am putting ice on my lip & staying clear of hammers for awhile.......while tasting blood all day! No talking for me either & I can't even eat it is split right in the center of by bottom lip ....boy this is a lesson learned!!!

Till next time.......

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall is on the way.....

Well it has been a few weeks since my last post ~ It has been a busy time for us, Granny's surgerywent really well & she is coming home tomorrow :) She spent a little over a week in the hospital for her catherazation & open heart /valve replacement , then she went to a rehab facility for I think 8 days ~ Believe it or not all along that had been her biggest fear, not the surgery, but going to the facility afterwards, she thought it would be a "nursing home" & we would keave her there???? She is only 74, but everyone has been so impressed w/ her progress & she is coming home! Our prayers have been answered & we will continue to pray she continues to heal as she needs to ~ Her arthritis has made it more difficult but she is a trooper :) So proud of her ~

Anyways ~ here in PA the weather has been crazy, one day it is 90 then it is can feel fall is on the way......Here are a few of my latest offerings made from patterns by various designers ~ If you see anything you are intersted in feel free to ask for a price & I may be able to stitch you one up !!!

Blessings you to all ~