Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holding onto "Hope"......

Well ~ yesterday was a long tough day, the good news is no unknown blockages were found, but the bad news is that the valve we knew is bad is much worse than originally thought. We knew she would have the replacement surguery, but listening to the doctors talk is always so scary ~ Granny's surgury is tenativly scheduled for tomorrow ~ I recently stitched this up using a " Primitive Stitchin " pattern & I really love it ~ Perfect saying !! It is listed on Ebay now ( seller id Stitchinthedayaway ) , but I plan on making one to keep in my home to look at as a daily reminder that "hope" carries us through :)
She is on so many prayer lists & has so many angels watching over her I know she will pull through & be just will be a long tough recovery, but she will be surrounded by so many of us who love her so much!!!!
Blesings to you all ~

Monday, August 23, 2010

Asking for extra Prayers.......

Hi Everyone ~
Tonight I am asking for any extra prayers you all can spare for my dear sweet Granny. She is going to the hospital in the morning for a catherization & while there she will most likely be having open heart surgury for a valve replacement ~
She is in a lot of pain as she has suffered w/ severe RA ( arthritis ) for years & it has gotten progressively worse. She has many foot surgeries, knee replacements, etc. & w/ this upcoming surgury she is off many of her meds & is very down & in pain so we pray she will recover quickly & the rehab afterwards will be managable for her. She is not looking forward to staying in a faciility for a few weeks, but it is what is best as they can care best for her :)
So if you have a an extra minute please say a special prayer for my Granny "Anne " as she has will have many angels looking over her..........
Blessing ~

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A few more of my ebay lsitings........

All items currentlt listed on Ebay under Seller ID ~ STITCHINTHEDAYAWAY ~ If interested please be sure to stop by & take a peak!! These piece have been handcrafted by myself using patterns from various designers :)
Enjoy the si another hot, humid one here in PA, but we are int he middle of a much needed downpour!!!
Blessings ~

Monday, August 9, 2010

One of my weekend treasures......

We hit a few yard sales this weekend ...... The first sale was best, but I don't have any pics of that stuff yet!! My hubby went to it first & came back w/ a bench that I just love & an old window then was telling me I may want to go so I threw on some make-up & we were off, this lady was soooooooo cheap, my favorite kind of yard sale!!! Thankfully it was only about 3 miles away cause we made about 2 or 3 trips! Lots of goodies for the yard, some for the house, resale, & to use w/ my all around good day!! Then we headed to a big community sale were I found this cupboard & a few other treasures......I just love junkin.....I miss it in the wintertime!!!

Here is a cupboard I picked up very reasonable & just knew I'd find somewhere for it, I couldn't pass it after some rearranging & a good scrubbin it has a new home on top of a little dresser we picked up @ an auction a few years back! I think it is a pretty good match!

The other wooden cabinet we picked up 2 years ago at the flea market, it has now found a new home in the kitchen :) Love them both.......Then we spent sunday relaxing @ my parents in the pool w/ my sister !!!! The perfect end to the weekend.....

Hope you had a good one too.......