Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holding onto "Hope"......

Well ~ yesterday was a long tough day, the good news is no unknown blockages were found, but the bad news is that the valve we knew is bad is much worse than originally thought. We knew she would have the replacement surguery, but listening to the doctors talk is always so scary ~ Granny's surgury is tenativly scheduled for tomorrow ~ I recently stitched this up using a " Primitive Stitchin " pattern & I really love it ~ Perfect saying !! It is listed on Ebay now ( seller id Stitchinthedayaway ) , but I plan on making one to keep in my home to look at as a daily reminder that "hope" carries us through :)
She is on so many prayer lists & has so many angels watching over her I know she will pull through & be just will be a long tough recovery, but she will be surrounded by so many of us who love her so much!!!!
Blesings to you all ~

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