Friday, November 27, 2009

Time sure flys!!

I swear it was just the weekend & here it is again!! I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving w/ your love ones around.....Ours was pretty simple. Had a very nice dinner @ Granny & Pap's. Everything was delicious as always, I swear she is the best cook & Paps coleslaw is to die for!!! He makes it every time we get together for dinner cause he knows how much we all love it :)

I have a busy weekend ahead, the guys in the family are to leave this afternonn for our hunting camp & be gone till tuesday evening. Little bonding time before hunting starts on monday. It's always a good time for them & of course us ladies hang out all weekend & go shopping !! On sunday my sister, mom, & I will head to Granny's to help them put up their tree. We started this last year when they said they weren't going to put one up, so we decided to do it for them!! You can't not have a tree up for Christmas!!! I have them all over the house!!! Just love it!

Anyways ~ Have a fun & safe weekend......

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting ready for Thanksgiving!!

Ths year, I have not been feeling to well & am still unsure what is going on after a trip to a specialist, xrays, meds, who knows... I go back in a few weeks to see where we stand , but I am thankful I am so close to my family!! They have really been there for me this year more than ever & I so appreciaite it !! My husband is the best, though we just got married about 6months ago, we have been together for 9 & 1/2 yrs. now & I just love him so much!!!

For Thanksgiving , We will be traveling to my Granny & Pap's house ( about 20 mins. away ) where my parents & sister will also be. We have a very small family, but it is so special to me ~ My Granny suffers from very bad arthritis & has a hard time getting around so every meal she prepares means so much more to all of us, but she does get a lot of help from Pap & it is always soooooooo good :)
My dad's parents are both gone now, so it is just an uncle & my cousin on his side, but we try to stay close. He has another brother & a sister, but lets just say they don't come around & I'll leave it at that!!

So I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving w/ your loved ones & cherish every moment!!

Till next time.......

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wow, it's the weekend already!!!!

Boy, this week has flown by & I have not much to show for it!! Been busy w/ lots of doctors appointments early in the week & was running around w/ my mom today. Stopped by our booth at the local Antique Mall, paid the rent, & took a few goodies over to sell !!! Stopped & got my hair cut then we went to lunch :) It's always a good time hangin out w/ Mom ~ I lived in MD for about 6 years w/ my now hubby & we didn't get to see each other as often as we would have liked!! I'm so blessed to have a great relationship w/ my parents!!!
Tomorrow I am off to go shopping w/ my sister. She wants to do some Christmas shopping for my mom so hopefully we can find something good!! Also hard as she is a little picky :)
I am feeling good today, waiting for some x-ray results & still on some antibiotics, but today was a good day & I'm hoping tomorrow will be too......
Have a great weekend everyone, whatever your plans may be.......
Blessings to you ~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anyone up for a swap???

I've been in the Christmas spirit & working on a few things to get listed in my shoppes as well as finish up a few gifts & a swap I am having w/ one of my facebook friends & was wondering if anyone else wanted to do a little holiday swap?? I love primitives & enjoy having handmades in my home so if you would like please feel free to post & I will email you back!! It doesn't have to be anything big, we can discuss it if anyone wants to!! It just always fun to get a little treat in the mail......
Hope you all are having a great week.......
More soon :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

The weekend is finally here!!!

I am so happy it is finally the weekend & what a lovely one it is supposed to be here in PA ~ This has been such a warm fall . I think we will decorate the outside of the house tomorrow & take advantage of the sunshine & 60's ~ We normally are stringing lights w/ numb fingers & layers of clothes on.......

I've been trying to get caught up on my stitchin, but this darn Lymes has definatly shown its evil face again. Just got my bloodwork results & it is still positive after the suggested treatment. Now I am off to find a specialist that I hope can fix me ~

Here is a pic of one of my newest listings on Ebay ~

I hope you all have a happy & healthy weekend & hopefully I will be posting some more pics soon of some of my new goodies!!!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another day, another back ache......

Has anyone else out there been diagnosed w/ Lyme Disease?? I was back in June of this year & did my 28 day treatment of antibiotics, but recently in the past month & a half I have been dealing w/ lots of backaches, headaches, stiff neck, etc.
After putting it off for long enough, I will be going back to the doctors tomorrow to see if I can get any answers!!
Just curious if anyone else has been going through this????