Friday, November 20, 2009

Wow, it's the weekend already!!!!

Boy, this week has flown by & I have not much to show for it!! Been busy w/ lots of doctors appointments early in the week & was running around w/ my mom today. Stopped by our booth at the local Antique Mall, paid the rent, & took a few goodies over to sell !!! Stopped & got my hair cut then we went to lunch :) It's always a good time hangin out w/ Mom ~ I lived in MD for about 6 years w/ my now hubby & we didn't get to see each other as often as we would have liked!! I'm so blessed to have a great relationship w/ my parents!!!
Tomorrow I am off to go shopping w/ my sister. She wants to do some Christmas shopping for my mom so hopefully we can find something good!! Also hard as she is a little picky :)
I am feeling good today, waiting for some x-ray results & still on some antibiotics, but today was a good day & I'm hoping tomorrow will be too......
Have a great weekend everyone, whatever your plans may be.......
Blessings to you ~


  1. Hey Megan ..Thanks for stopping by my blog !!! So great to meet you ..and so glad you liked my clothespin keeps. Your wax offerings are so wonderful. Sounds like we have alot in common. Although I am a single gal ..until that right guy comes along ..I too ..have a great relationship with my parents ..and am close to my mom ...we also have had antique shops in malls together ..and wish we did now ..but we are all preparing to move we are missing having our shops right now. We love antique hunting so it's hard not to be able to do that as much right now.

    I am following your blog now..

    Blessings ..Sara