Friday, November 27, 2009

Time sure flys!!

I swear it was just the weekend & here it is again!! I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving w/ your love ones around.....Ours was pretty simple. Had a very nice dinner @ Granny & Pap's. Everything was delicious as always, I swear she is the best cook & Paps coleslaw is to die for!!! He makes it every time we get together for dinner cause he knows how much we all love it :)

I have a busy weekend ahead, the guys in the family are to leave this afternonn for our hunting camp & be gone till tuesday evening. Little bonding time before hunting starts on monday. It's always a good time for them & of course us ladies hang out all weekend & go shopping !! On sunday my sister, mom, & I will head to Granny's to help them put up their tree. We started this last year when they said they weren't going to put one up, so we decided to do it for them!! You can't not have a tree up for Christmas!!! I have them all over the house!!! Just love it!

Anyways ~ Have a fun & safe weekend......

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