Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting ready for Thanksgiving!!

Ths year, I have not been feeling to well & am still unsure what is going on after a trip to a specialist, xrays, meds, who knows... I go back in a few weeks to see where we stand , but I am thankful I am so close to my family!! They have really been there for me this year more than ever & I so appreciaite it !! My husband is the best, though we just got married about 6months ago, we have been together for 9 & 1/2 yrs. now & I just love him so much!!!

For Thanksgiving , We will be traveling to my Granny & Pap's house ( about 20 mins. away ) where my parents & sister will also be. We have a very small family, but it is so special to me ~ My Granny suffers from very bad arthritis & has a hard time getting around so every meal she prepares means so much more to all of us, but she does get a lot of help from Pap & it is always soooooooo good :)
My dad's parents are both gone now, so it is just an uncle & my cousin on his side, but we try to stay close. He has another brother & a sister, but lets just say they don't come around & I'll leave it at that!!

So I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving w/ your loved ones & cherish every moment!!

Till next time.......


  1. Hi Megan ..so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling so well recently. I hope that you find out some good results and that there is a simple fix to heal you. I will surely keep you in my prayers.

    Have a Beautiful Thanksgiving and enjoy your Granny and Pap's ..when they aren't with you anymore it leaves a whole in your heart ..!! You are so blessed to have them !!!

    Warmest Regards ..Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your Thanksgiving day. Sounds like it will be a special one!!