Monday, December 27, 2010

Sad that it's over.....

Kyser our 9 & 1/2 yr.old Weimerainer waiting to open some presents on Christmas @ our house!!! ~*~
Jason & Megan Christmas 2010 @ Mom & Dad's house

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas ~ It was a very nice weekend, an extra layer of snow fell Christmas morning :) , but now I always get sad that it is over. Soon, I will take down all the decoartions & lights that I just love looking at & the house will seem so bare, but believe me it is far from it ~ hee,hee. I just love this whole season......the warmth & closeness you feel I wish would last all year long!!!

This Christmas was more quaint than the past, but extra special all the same as Granny has done very very after having her bypass surgery in late Aug., but now my Pap has a hernia ( his 4th ) & will need surgery as well, it is always something to worry about, they are both in a lot of pain, but every holiday spent w/ them is a blessing :)

Then we traveled a few miles down the road to my Grandma's old house ( she has now passed a few years back & my uncle lives there ), we stayed a short time, just not the same anymore, came back had a few drinks & snacks..played games & went to bed waiting for Santa to come.

Got an early gift just like when we were little he left us new jammies!!! It is an ongoing joke we have & this year my sister & I were kidding we wanted new jammies on Christmas eve & there they were left outside!!! My dad, he is a real kid at heart too, love him so much!!! He picked out the brighest ones he could find my Mom said :)

Woke up Christmas morning to open presents w/ my family then had dinner @ Granny & Pap's then headed home around 6:00 to have our Christmas at our home just Jason & I w/ our dog Kyser too of course he got presents!!!

We hope you day was filled w/ lots of special family memories & a couple great gifts too & of course taking the time to " Remember the Reason for the Season "

Blessings till next time ~


Monday, December 20, 2010

It's almost here........

Wow ~

I can't believe it is almost seems like December just flies by ~ I will be spending a good part of the week wrapping gifts, doing a little baking, ( and sampling of course ) , as well as stitching up a couple special little gifts as I always do for a few loved ones :)

On saturday night, we decided to have a "date night" granted there are just the 2 of us & our weimer Kyser, so we go out quite often, but we wanted to go somewhere a little different for dinner & further away so we called & made reservations & the little waitress set us up in our own private dining room!!! It was so sweet, she didn't even know how to light an oil lamp, but she did her best, & it was so nice after the smoke cleared,( hee~hee ) I have included a pic of their "famous" gob cake sundae & it was good......wish I had another bite this morning!!

Enjoy the day.....


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Merry Winter" & believe me it has arrived in Pittsburgh.....

This one is currently listed on Etsy ~

Listed on Ebay ~ Seller Id ~ stitchinthedayaway......Special orders also available.......

Well ~ This is what I have been working on how they turned out :) I just loveJenny @ Country Rustic Primitives patterns....sometimes I feel like buying them all, but I have to budget myself :( I will be back though & soon.....hee,hee

One is stitched on hardanger & the other is aida cloth & each has its own "personality if you will ~ It has been lightly snowing & COLD here for the past week or so, so these little guys feel totally appropriate!!!

Will be making one for my home for sure after the Christmas "rush" slows down a bit ~ If you are interested feel free to contact me ~*~

Have a great night & stay warm......We've got the woodburner going full blast :)


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Looking for handmade gifts?????

If anyone is looking for some handmade gifts be sure to stop by my Ebay & Etsy shoppes.....I got alot of great stitcheries & linens plus many more goodies on both!!! I will be adding more in the coming weeks too.......Have a good will be busy here, getting ready to head out shopping w/ the girls as the men just got a late start to the hunting camp for the first day of buck tomorrow so we are on our own & going shopping!!! Always a fun time :)

More soon.....Take care ~


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have been BUSY.....

I have been living up to my " stitchinthedayaway" name this past week or so that is for sure....... I purchased the new " Home for Christmas" pattern book from Stacy Nash & here is a little sampling of my finished products so far !! Very time consuming, but well worth it :)
It is so dreay & rainy here this week & still too early to decorate the inside of the house for Christmas so I've been busy stitchin.....last weekend we got the outside lights all hung since the weather was so nice, but they won't go on till after Thanksgiving!
Enjoy the day ~*~
If you are interested in anything.....feel free to ask!! I take special orders ~*~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day.......

Taking this day to proudly remember all those who have served & are currently serving to protect us all & keep us free everyday!!! We are all so thankful & grateful for the sarcrifices ~
My hubby was in the Navy for 10yrs. before deciding to seperate & now is employed w/ the VA hospital ~*~
We'll be spending the day together taking advantage of this "indian summer" & doing some outdoor decorating for Christmas.....I know it is early, but I can't stand doing it when it is freezing & your hands go numb, just not so fun!! I will be tempted to light it up, but will wait till after Thanksgiving.....
God Bless America ~

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ready for the Weekend :)

Hey everyone ~

I hope you had a nice week,,,,,sure seemed to go pretty quick?? Jason is doing much better, still sore & taking it easy. Defiantly don't want him to think he is healed then reinjuire himself so I have to keep reminding him of that when he tries to push it ~

We are supposed to see a little snow tomorrow.....yep, it is that time of year again!! Only some flurries, but still snow :) I'm alwasy excited to see it flying around out there as long as I don't have to drive in it !!!! Next week it will be back around 56 or so for now......

Here's a pic of a sampler I stitched up over the past couple days......I love it!!! A new pattern from Pineberry Lane .......think I may be keeping this one :)

Till next time......


Friday, October 29, 2010

Long time no see.......

One of my newest listing on ebay ( Seller ID ~ stitchinthedayaway )~*~ Framed in an antique frame w/ glass using a pattern by Stacy Nash Primitives....go check it out if you are interested.....Lots of Christmas goodies too :)

What a week I've much to get into, I won't tell you all the details, hubby took a tumble down the baesment stairs a little over a week ago breaking 3 ribs & on top of that had the worst case of poison ivy on his arms mostly that I have ever seen & believe me he gets it ALOT , so I have been Nurse Meggs :) It was such a scary night, trip to the ER, he is in a good bit of pain & will be for quite a while we are told, but when I think of what "could have been" I am so thankful that is all he broke!! Those steps are a beast, we have no landing on them, basicaly you push the door open & it swings over the steps & they drop straight down & then there is a metal rail on the side & concrete wall about 2 ft. from the bottom so he is really lucky even though it doesn't seem that way :) Things can almost always be worse ~*~ Till next time....
Blessings ~*~

Friday, September 24, 2010

~~~~ Ready for a nice Fall weekend ~~~~

Well my lip is healing :) Now I am left w/ a splitting ulcer down the center of my lip, but it isn't too noticable if I put on a little lipstitck ......I definatly need to slow down !!!!
Here are a few of my new listings on ebay ( stitchinthedayaway ) ~ Trying to work on a few for Etsy, but can't seem to get caught up, but I guess that is a good thing because everything keeps selling :) Yay!!! ( The top two stitchery's are from patterns of Country Rustic Primitives & the bottom on the candle board is from a pattern by Primitive Stitchin )
Got a fun "girls day" planned on sunday w/ my mom & sister to go to a nice fall festival about 40 miles from here where they dress up like colonial days ~ So we are ready to shop, eat, & gossip like we do best :) And the weather looks like it is gonna be a perfect 70 ' ~ I love fall ~ I hope to snap some pics to post........
More later......enjoy the weekend everyone!!
Blessings ~

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beware of hammers......

You'd think I'd know by now, but no I'm 30 yrs. old & just split my lip open w/ a hammer!! God it hurts......I feel like a little kid, home all along w/ this big pouty lip! No botox needed for me!! I was stupid & taking a square head nail out of my latest projest because I didn't like where I had put it, ( now I wish I would have left it there!!! ) when all I remember is tasting blood! At least I got that nail out....& thankfully I still have all of my teeth in place! Yes, it is that bad! Truth be known I may need stitches, but I am not a fan of doctors. So I am putting ice on my lip & staying clear of hammers for awhile.......while tasting blood all day! No talking for me either & I can't even eat it is split right in the center of by bottom lip ....boy this is a lesson learned!!!

Till next time.......

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall is on the way.....

Well it has been a few weeks since my last post ~ It has been a busy time for us, Granny's surgerywent really well & she is coming home tomorrow :) She spent a little over a week in the hospital for her catherazation & open heart /valve replacement , then she went to a rehab facility for I think 8 days ~ Believe it or not all along that had been her biggest fear, not the surgery, but going to the facility afterwards, she thought it would be a "nursing home" & we would keave her there???? She is only 74, but everyone has been so impressed w/ her progress & she is coming home! Our prayers have been answered & we will continue to pray she continues to heal as she needs to ~ Her arthritis has made it more difficult but she is a trooper :) So proud of her ~

Anyways ~ here in PA the weather has been crazy, one day it is 90 then it is can feel fall is on the way......Here are a few of my latest offerings made from patterns by various designers ~ If you see anything you are intersted in feel free to ask for a price & I may be able to stitch you one up !!!

Blessings you to all ~


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holding onto "Hope"......

Well ~ yesterday was a long tough day, the good news is no unknown blockages were found, but the bad news is that the valve we knew is bad is much worse than originally thought. We knew she would have the replacement surguery, but listening to the doctors talk is always so scary ~ Granny's surgury is tenativly scheduled for tomorrow ~ I recently stitched this up using a " Primitive Stitchin " pattern & I really love it ~ Perfect saying !! It is listed on Ebay now ( seller id Stitchinthedayaway ) , but I plan on making one to keep in my home to look at as a daily reminder that "hope" carries us through :)
She is on so many prayer lists & has so many angels watching over her I know she will pull through & be just will be a long tough recovery, but she will be surrounded by so many of us who love her so much!!!!
Blesings to you all ~

Monday, August 23, 2010

Asking for extra Prayers.......

Hi Everyone ~
Tonight I am asking for any extra prayers you all can spare for my dear sweet Granny. She is going to the hospital in the morning for a catherization & while there she will most likely be having open heart surgury for a valve replacement ~
She is in a lot of pain as she has suffered w/ severe RA ( arthritis ) for years & it has gotten progressively worse. She has many foot surgeries, knee replacements, etc. & w/ this upcoming surgury she is off many of her meds & is very down & in pain so we pray she will recover quickly & the rehab afterwards will be managable for her. She is not looking forward to staying in a faciility for a few weeks, but it is what is best as they can care best for her :)
So if you have a an extra minute please say a special prayer for my Granny "Anne " as she has will have many angels looking over her..........
Blessing ~

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A few more of my ebay lsitings........

All items currentlt listed on Ebay under Seller ID ~ STITCHINTHEDAYAWAY ~ If interested please be sure to stop by & take a peak!! These piece have been handcrafted by myself using patterns from various designers :)
Enjoy the si another hot, humid one here in PA, but we are int he middle of a much needed downpour!!!
Blessings ~

Monday, August 9, 2010

One of my weekend treasures......

We hit a few yard sales this weekend ...... The first sale was best, but I don't have any pics of that stuff yet!! My hubby went to it first & came back w/ a bench that I just love & an old window then was telling me I may want to go so I threw on some make-up & we were off, this lady was soooooooo cheap, my favorite kind of yard sale!!! Thankfully it was only about 3 miles away cause we made about 2 or 3 trips! Lots of goodies for the yard, some for the house, resale, & to use w/ my all around good day!! Then we headed to a big community sale were I found this cupboard & a few other treasures......I just love junkin.....I miss it in the wintertime!!!

Here is a cupboard I picked up very reasonable & just knew I'd find somewhere for it, I couldn't pass it after some rearranging & a good scrubbin it has a new home on top of a little dresser we picked up @ an auction a few years back! I think it is a pretty good match!

The other wooden cabinet we picked up 2 years ago at the flea market, it has now found a new home in the kitchen :) Love them both.......Then we spent sunday relaxing @ my parents in the pool w/ my sister !!!! The perfect end to the weekend.....

Hope you had a good one too.......


Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have a new look........ blog does at least :)

I was doing a little playing around this morning & changed up the background & colors a little for a new look. I think I like it, at least for now ~ Hoping to work on some more cross stitch designs today.......but I never seem to get as much done as I hope to!!
In case you are wondering,,,,,,, this is all the beach glass I recently collected during my morning walks on our vacation to N.C. ~ I just love it......I has since found a home in an old antique jar w/ the rest of my glass collected from previous years.........
Enjoy the day.....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is it Fall yet???

One of my new fall stitcheries made from a Country Rustic Primitives pattern, comes framed in a 6"x 8" distressed wooden frame ~ If interested please feel free to email me ~

Price is $28.00 plus shipping within U.S.A only ~

I am ready for fall & cooler temps......this humidity has got to for now I will sit in my a.c & stitch & think of cooler days ahead.........

Blessings ~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Girls Trip to Elizabethan Gardens......N.C.

~The Queen ~

Fountain in the Center

The beautiful entrance to a "sunken" style garden & fountain filled w/ so many myrtles, & landscaped flowers, & statues ~ It was so pretty!!

Me & My mom :)

Our first stop on our tour of the gardens, we all stopped to toss a penny & "make a wish" !!!

This was a fun little girls trip during our vacation to OBX, we decided to head down to the Elizabethan Gardens, if you are in the area & get a chance it is worth the visit!! If you like nature & flowers as well as photography you will have many great photo opts! Of course I didn't have my better camera w/ me! It is near the Lost Colony & Fort Raleigh by Roanoke Island about 15 or 20 mile from Kill Devil Hills where we were :)
I hope you enjoed them!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where did the week go?????

Jason & I before heading out to dinner ~ Hard to get a nice picture outside w/ your hair blowing all over the place w/ the seabreeze, but I'll take it :)

Wow ~ this past week has flown by.....our vacation has come & back to "everyday life " ~ We had the perfect week @ The Outer Banks, NC ~ The weather was beautiful everyday, sunny many memories made w/ my family to treasure forever!!! I just love it there!!
Daily morning walks & some in the evening on the beach searching for beach glass ( & hoping to burn off some of the extra snacks I was eatting ) , I'll show you a picture in my next post of the load I found this year! I was so excited!!!
Till next time........I hope you you have a great day........
More pics to follow, we also traveled down to the Elizabethan Gardens they were so pretty so I will share some photos!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer is flying by.......

Wow ~ I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted & now it is almost the 4th of July!!!! Summer is flying by & in just 2 days we will be leaving for vacation!!!!! I am so excited :) I absolutly LOVE the beach , we are like 2 little kids playing in the ocean all day on our boogie boards, but it is so much fun & that is what vacations are all about ~ Relaxing w/ those you love & making lots of memories!! We will be meeting up w/ my parents & aunt & uncle so it should be a good week of fun, memories, & lots of good food & drinks of course :)

I hope you all have a very Happy & Safe 4th of July however you plan on spending it & I will post some pics when we get back.......

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I've been busy....

Well not doing what I want to be doing, but it has to be be done so on sunday we started cleaning out the bedroom closets!!! One of my worst nightmares :)
I am one of those people that kinda shove things everywhere & it was time to try to get somewhat organized again & weed out some things & switch to some summer clothes. Well.....I still have a ways to go & another room to go, but am down 3 trash bags of clothes, shoes, & purses I know I will never use so they are in the car ready for the Goodwill.....
Feels good to get rid of it.....I really didn't realize I have sooooooo many clothes & it seems like I wear the same ones all the time :)
Well.....just finished up my second round on the treadmill. Been taking it easy & doing 30 mins at a time or so.
Till next time......back to cleaning for me........I'm about ready for a nap!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting ready for the weekend...

Well I just got back from having some pie @ Denny's w/ my Mom & Granny. It was such a nice treat to spend some time w/ them. I go out w/ my mom all the time ( actually were out runnin around yesterday ), but I don't get to go out w/ Granny much. She has a few health problems w/ arthritis real bad & had both of her knees replaced almost 10 years ago now I think so she isn't real active so it was a special treat for me to join them :) She enjoys her coconut cream pie which I should have got! I opted for the carmel apple crisp which was good too, but the pie was better.....maybe next time!!!

I've been working on a few new listing, but the weather has been too nice to want to stay inside & finish them up!! Plus I've been running around & trying to get back on some sort of exercise plan. Got a good 15-20 lbs. I'd love to drop before july.......I really hope I can do it again :)

Hopefully I can get a few pics taken of some of my new listings .....Till then.....Have a great weekend :) Looks like it's gonnna get cold again here in PA & the "boys" are "goin fishin" tomorrow for the first day of trout..... may even be a few snow flurries they said in the mountains :(
Take care ~

Friday, April 2, 2010

~*~ Happy Easter ~*~

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter....I will be enjoying the perfect weekend here in Western PA w/ my hubby ~ The weather is in the mid 70's to low 80's the past couple days! So nice to open the windows & get fresh air in the house!!!! Going to dinner w/ my husband, parents, & sister tonight for our annual Good Friday fish dinner. Then tomorrow I don't know what I'm doing, but I know I will be doing it outside !!!! Even it is just sitting & relaxing.......which sounds good to me :)

Sunday we will enjoy a nice family dinner at my parents home w/ my grandparents joining us as well.........good food, memories, & lots of love!!!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend as well......

Till next time ~

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is finally here & a few new listings :)

Oh Spring is finally here in Western PA ~ Today is the perfect skies, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining & it is going up to 69 that is the perfect day for me :)

I love Spring...after a long winter you really appreciate these days & the sounds & smells of fresh air & nature around you!!! It is going up to 80 this friday & saturday, yikes that may be a little early, but we will take it!!! Definatly be out in the yard doing something!!

Here are a few of my new listing currently on Ebay if you are interested ~ Seller Id ~ stitchinthedayaway ~ I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day.....more later.......

Blessings ~


Friday, March 26, 2010

Wow ~ Where has time gone?????

Well ~ It has been way tooooooooo long since my last post!!!!! It has been a really long winter here in PA, but i think Spring is finally here though today is pretty chilly!!! The tulips & hyacinths sp? are all coming up & I can't wait to see some color in the yard other than brown & the white snow we had for months!!
I do love winter, but I had my share of it this year!
This is just a quick little post, but I am working on a few projects & hope to get some pics posted soon & will keep in better touch!
Hope you all have a great weekend......
Blessings ~

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the routine.....

I can't believe the holidays have come & gone......they always go by so quickly!!! We had some family come home from Lousianna for about a week & a half so it was fun catching up w/ them :) But, now everyone is back to work & all the decorations are down!
For Christmas we got a Wii so I had to get the Wii Fit Plus to try to drop this extra 20 lbs. I seem to have picked up along the way :) Funny how that happens huh??? Anyways, it is lots of fun! Seems strange to say exercise is fun, but it is & makes you feel good too, so that is my main priority for the next few months!!!

Trying to get back into stitching too, I took some time off & it was so nice to just relax! We watched Christmas movies everynight by the glow of the Christmas tree & garland lights....great memories till next year, but time to get back to work for me too!!

We are in a deep freeze for sure here, so cold & snowy, but I am thankful I can stay indoors & enjoy it !!!

Till next time.....Stay warm :)