Friday, October 29, 2010

Long time no see.......

One of my newest listing on ebay ( Seller ID ~ stitchinthedayaway )~*~ Framed in an antique frame w/ glass using a pattern by Stacy Nash Primitives....go check it out if you are interested.....Lots of Christmas goodies too :)

What a week I've much to get into, I won't tell you all the details, hubby took a tumble down the baesment stairs a little over a week ago breaking 3 ribs & on top of that had the worst case of poison ivy on his arms mostly that I have ever seen & believe me he gets it ALOT , so I have been Nurse Meggs :) It was such a scary night, trip to the ER, he is in a good bit of pain & will be for quite a while we are told, but when I think of what "could have been" I am so thankful that is all he broke!! Those steps are a beast, we have no landing on them, basicaly you push the door open & it swings over the steps & they drop straight down & then there is a metal rail on the side & concrete wall about 2 ft. from the bottom so he is really lucky even though it doesn't seem that way :) Things can almost always be worse ~*~ Till next time....
Blessings ~*~

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