Friday, September 24, 2010

~~~~ Ready for a nice Fall weekend ~~~~

Well my lip is healing :) Now I am left w/ a splitting ulcer down the center of my lip, but it isn't too noticable if I put on a little lipstitck ......I definatly need to slow down !!!!
Here are a few of my new listings on ebay ( stitchinthedayaway ) ~ Trying to work on a few for Etsy, but can't seem to get caught up, but I guess that is a good thing because everything keeps selling :) Yay!!! ( The top two stitchery's are from patterns of Country Rustic Primitives & the bottom on the candle board is from a pattern by Primitive Stitchin )
Got a fun "girls day" planned on sunday w/ my mom & sister to go to a nice fall festival about 40 miles from here where they dress up like colonial days ~ So we are ready to shop, eat, & gossip like we do best :) And the weather looks like it is gonna be a perfect 70 ' ~ I love fall ~ I hope to snap some pics to post........
More later......enjoy the weekend everyone!!
Blessings ~

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  1. Hi Megan, You po' girl, a busted lip is no fun.
    I just started following you, thanks to you signing up for my giveaway:) Good luck! I love your stitcheries! Especially your grungy candle paddle with the stitchery on it. Nice! Feel better:) Hugs~Carol