Monday, December 27, 2010

Sad that it's over.....

Kyser our 9 & 1/2 yr.old Weimerainer waiting to open some presents on Christmas @ our house!!! ~*~
Jason & Megan Christmas 2010 @ Mom & Dad's house

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas ~ It was a very nice weekend, an extra layer of snow fell Christmas morning :) , but now I always get sad that it is over. Soon, I will take down all the decoartions & lights that I just love looking at & the house will seem so bare, but believe me it is far from it ~ hee,hee. I just love this whole season......the warmth & closeness you feel I wish would last all year long!!!

This Christmas was more quaint than the past, but extra special all the same as Granny has done very very after having her bypass surgery in late Aug., but now my Pap has a hernia ( his 4th ) & will need surgery as well, it is always something to worry about, they are both in a lot of pain, but every holiday spent w/ them is a blessing :)

Then we traveled a few miles down the road to my Grandma's old house ( she has now passed a few years back & my uncle lives there ), we stayed a short time, just not the same anymore, came back had a few drinks & snacks..played games & went to bed waiting for Santa to come.

Got an early gift just like when we were little he left us new jammies!!! It is an ongoing joke we have & this year my sister & I were kidding we wanted new jammies on Christmas eve & there they were left outside!!! My dad, he is a real kid at heart too, love him so much!!! He picked out the brighest ones he could find my Mom said :)

Woke up Christmas morning to open presents w/ my family then had dinner @ Granny & Pap's then headed home around 6:00 to have our Christmas at our home just Jason & I w/ our dog Kyser too of course he got presents!!!

We hope you day was filled w/ lots of special family memories & a couple great gifts too & of course taking the time to " Remember the Reason for the Season "

Blessings till next time ~


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  1. Hi Megan, I just found your blog through Tammy A Primtive Place, we signed up to do a blog swap. I am exctied about that and that is how I found you. I am a follower now! I hope you stop by my blog as well!!

    It is sad the Christmas is over. we don't like to put down the Christmas and village etc.At Hillcrest Home Prims we LOVE Christmas!

    Have a great day
    Prim Blessings,