Monday, December 20, 2010

It's almost here........

Wow ~

I can't believe it is almost seems like December just flies by ~ I will be spending a good part of the week wrapping gifts, doing a little baking, ( and sampling of course ) , as well as stitching up a couple special little gifts as I always do for a few loved ones :)

On saturday night, we decided to have a "date night" granted there are just the 2 of us & our weimer Kyser, so we go out quite often, but we wanted to go somewhere a little different for dinner & further away so we called & made reservations & the little waitress set us up in our own private dining room!!! It was so sweet, she didn't even know how to light an oil lamp, but she did her best, & it was so nice after the smoke cleared,( hee~hee ) I have included a pic of their "famous" gob cake sundae & it was good......wish I had another bite this morning!!

Enjoy the day.....


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