Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting ready for the weekend...

Well I just got back from having some pie @ Denny's w/ my Mom & Granny. It was such a nice treat to spend some time w/ them. I go out w/ my mom all the time ( actually were out runnin around yesterday ), but I don't get to go out w/ Granny much. She has a few health problems w/ arthritis real bad & had both of her knees replaced almost 10 years ago now I think so she isn't real active so it was a special treat for me to join them :) She enjoys her coconut cream pie which I should have got! I opted for the carmel apple crisp which was good too, but the pie was better.....maybe next time!!!

I've been working on a few new listing, but the weather has been too nice to want to stay inside & finish them up!! Plus I've been running around & trying to get back on some sort of exercise plan. Got a good 15-20 lbs. I'd love to drop before july.......I really hope I can do it again :)

Hopefully I can get a few pics taken of some of my new listings .....Till then.....Have a great weekend :) Looks like it's gonnna get cold again here in PA & the "boys" are "goin fishin" tomorrow for the first day of trout..... may even be a few snow flurries they said in the mountains :(
Take care ~

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