Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Wishing you all a wonderful Memorial Day weekend......While enjoying time w/ friends & family please stop & remember the reason for this day!!!

So many men & women have fought & still are fighting for our freedom we always need to keep them in our prayers.....My hubby was in the Navy for 10yrs & now works for the VA, so of course these holidays are always extra meaningful to us :)

It is sure gonna be a hot one here in PA, way too early if you ask me....I am ALMOST ready for some snow to come back....hahaha ~

It is going up to 90,,yuck!! I hope my parents filled up the pool, cause I may be making a visit!!

Been busy hitting some yard sales & auctions, my favorite summer thing to do & need to finish up my summer swap!

Stay safe & I'll talk to ya soon.....

Blessings ~


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