Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Swap Goodies & a visit to the ER

My goodies from Old Lady Morgan ~*~ Thanks so much ~*~

What a week it has been ~~~ I will be happy when this one is OVER :) It started on monday when Jason was outside after work around 4:00 , we had a couple guys over looking @ our roof & while he was outside he got bit by some sort of bee in the back of his neck/head ~ He said it felt like a rock being throw at the back of his head ~ Almost instantly, he started getting a horrible rash all over his body & a reaction like never before. Of course, we still have these people on the roof.....finally they leave...I am panicing!! He took some benedril & thought it would be okay, after seeing he get worse & the chills started he was starting to nearly black out, getting nausious, very scary!! We hurried to the Urgent Care,,,,they listened to his symptoms & took his vitals & ordered him to the ER by ambulance!! What??? They said his blood pressure was very low & they were afraid something may happen while I drove him ( even though it was only 20-25 min away ) & his organs may crash!!! I suddenly began to panic all over again & all I could do was want my parents w/ me! So I went in the other room & called them & asked if they would meet us there! He was treated onthe way & slowly began to improve & stayed @ the hospital for another 6 or 7 hrs. He is now on a couple meds for a few days & we have a Epi pen to carry w/ us in case it happens again as they said next time it could be even worse!!! That is super scary to hear as we are only in our 30's ~ Guess the next step will be is to see an allergist & hope they can offer some help!! I just thank GOD that he is okay now as I now know we should have went right away ~~

Onto some much brighter news :))) I finally got around to getting some pictures of my goodies I received from OLM ( Old Lady Morgan ) ~*~ I recently took part in a fun Summer Time Swap hosted By Misi @ 1890 Gable House Musings & OLM was my secret partner :) She was VERY generous & I love everything!! It was like Christmas morning ~ Everything was wrapped so nice & labeled, I wish I would of thought to take a pic first, but I just dug right in !!! I have found a home for all of my treasures & even have plans for my Strawberry Daquiri mix she sent me :) heehee !! Love it ~~

Thanks again ~ It was so much fun !!

Have a great day everyone....


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